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At KeyStone Financial Resources, our sole focus is YOU.

Our Philosophy

Our business is powered by intention. We came together to create a financial advisory approach that focused on the individual needs of our clients. That means that we place the needs of our clients above profit margins and sales quotas. An approach that is not client-centered presents ethical challenges as well as personal limitations. In fact, the limitations of the corporate financial world are what drove Glenn to become an independent financial professional in the first place.

The corporate approach allows many agents to only offer limited financial products to a limited demographic of consumers. We wanted to expand our prospective client pool and the scope of products and services we could offer. This approach is not how the corporate financial system is always set up. We intentionally chose a more client-centered approach.

Our Approach

From the beginning, we have always focused on quality. All aspects of our business take quality into account, from the financial products we recommend, to our staff, to the results we achieve.

Quality financial planning, in our opinion, requires personal attention. We knew we could not take a generic approach. Having set our sights on a higher standard, we chose to use insurance and investment strategies for our clients’ portfolios that they may not be able to get at a big box firm. We approach investing and retirement planning with our primary agenda being to help our clients. Independence gives us the ability to search for and recommend the right products available industrywide for our clients. In contrast, financial professionals in a more “captive” environment, especially in large brokerage companies, often have to use a more limited universe of tools and products that are available to them, whether or not those products always represent the best interests of the client.

That leads us to perhaps the most important aspect of our approach, which is our fiduciary responsibility to our clients. We are held to a fiduciary standard, which means that all of the recommendations we make to our clients must be in their best interest. Those not working under the fiduciary standard operate under a suitability standard, which means that financial products and advice must be deemed suitable. It does not require that your best interest be considered. As independent agents, we can shop around for the appropriate product for you and your situation.

Why is this so important? The fact of the matter is that your money is worth more than the number in your bank account or your mutual fund return. Your money represents the time, talent, effort and education you put into your career and vocation. It represents much of the way you have spent your life, and it is now there to work for you in retirement. After working and saving your entire life, retirement changes your financial paradigm. Instead of relying on a paycheck, you are now relying on yourself for regular income. You must find ways to leverage your assets to generate income and to meet your other financial goals. Making sure your assets last for your lifetime will depend on how you decide to invest them and in what order you will spend them.

With forces like inflation, market volatility, taxes and fluctuating interest rates that could work against you, knowing what to do with your assets has never been more important. Successful retirement will depend on a carefully crafted plan that employs the most efficient implementation of your assets and the income they produce.    

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